As we start this new Website we thought this would be a great idea of a blog for customers to give ideas to new customers looking for that romantic getaway After all some of us go away to enjoy a relaxing holiday as a couple, so why not make it romantic.

most caravan parks these days will house a relaxing posh restaurant or spa treatment areas for those self indulging weekends away from the kids. I for one use these on my caravan site.

First on the list would probably be Drinks ( this does not have to be Alcoholic by the way) select the drink that you would prefer to enjoy the most together. Gin is becoming a huge option at the moment with all different kind of flavourings etc and don’t forget your tonic waters. Selection of wines of course and obviously you can see where im going with this.

Food:- only you can answer and sort this out. Simply pick something you just love to eat when away. If you are feeling adventurous how about something like a BBQ on the beach with a glass of wine or even push the boat out with some Prosecco, Even just a picnic basket and some cheese and biscuits.

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  1. hicky73

    what do you have to offer and we can look into it and maybe offer you something through our facebook page


  2. instafollowergratiswEn

    There really has never been a better time to enjoy static caravan breaks in the UK, now that Darwin Escapes have entered the fray with luxury accommodation, and a range of activities for all ages in holiday parks across the country.